Picnic Police


Holy hairballs what a week!! We spent multiple days breaking down camp and cleaning up the campground, making sure to leave it better than when we arrived for the wonderful people who let us stay with them, drove Zoe up to Portland to fly back to Santa Fe for a family function and moved all of our vehicles- RV, three cars and a trailer- to a BLM spot outside of Grant’s Pass. We stopped at a park in town the first evening and set up a picnic spot using large Rubbermaid totes for a table and a platform for the propane stove(it was over 100 degrees and we were urban, the wood stove inside is so not happening!), then used the tow platform covered in couch pillows for an outdoor ground couch. After a lovely meal of red pepper, tomato and black bean soup with chicken and fresh baked bread with brie for dipping, we were relaxing with the cops showed up. Three people, a dog and an epic picnic setup with no drugs or booze involved were able to make such an impression that people called the cops out of concern. Style has its price, and this one I am actually proud to pay. I managed to put on a picnic so epic it’s absurd. Fortunately the cops were nice fellows who were as shocked about us as we were about them, and it ended quickly and amiably with them giving us some advice about places to look at property options as well. So first thing tomorrow, hooray for government offices.