Fabulous Haircuts at a Beauty School ūüôā * Fresh red current sauce mixed with a dash of sugar and squeeze of lemon to make syrup for french toast* kittens, kittens, and did I mention kittens (the adolescent phase is over and they have sold their souls and self-respect for bacon ūüėÄ ) *New phases of life- getting back on the road* ¬†funny faces* ¬†forgiveness for friends’ mistakes, big or small and the look of faces when they know they are loved* ¬†cold brewed ice coffee in 95 degree weather* ¬†fresh painted toe-nails* ¬†happy puppies* ¬†writing letters to grandpa and learning the real history of the world, right from the horses’ mouth* ¬†new music* ¬†friends’ successes- Gabe Rima won the contest, music video coming soon!!* ¬†honest poetry* ¬†unicorn luck* ¬†picking fresh herbs from the garden* ¬†any excuse to wear lingerie or kiss someone special* ¬†watching dreams become reality, one day at a time

Enjoy your tuesday and your everyday, good for your health, heart, and world, xoxo!!



The Words that Sparked World War


My world revolves around words, in thoughts and dreams and plans, in every human interaction. I revel in books, reaching for sacred tomes containing every bit of human knowledge and doors to other worlds though an impossibly powerful force of human invention- written words. Imagine the spiritual crisis I went through when I stumbled across the most ironic book ever written- The Alphabet vs. The Goddess by Leonard Shlain. The premise of the book is that the written word, specifically “alphabet” languages, actually strengthen the “hunter-killer-logic” left side of the brain to the point that it’s influence was the underlying cultural inspiration that led to every major religious and culture war since it’s invention, and very directly to the subjugation of women all over the world. Damn. Fortunately, the book ends on a positive note, regarding new inventions in communication that allow for a more balanced approach to human relations, a happy ending much needed after reading about how reading led to so much pain and madness. I highly recommend reading it, as it gives a shocking and unique perspective on human history. On the other side of that, here is some inspiring words on the positive benefits of writing from Jeff Goins- When your fear to say the truth, write the truth, share the truth, remember this:



Ahh! The start of summer, painting projects, fresh berries, travel adventures and growth on every level. Hope you enjoy this month’s Carousel of fun!

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Sorry about the irregular programming lately folks, we are deep in the intrenchment of government offices and real estate issues, punctuated with regular trips to far reaching wilderness, so the wi-fi access has been nearly impossible. But it should all be coming to a head soon and I’ll be back with a pile of new work!!



Summer Bar-b-que


As a perfect prelude to a miraculous few days the weather cleared up on monday, right as Pam and Brian’s daughter Tiffany- the remaining family we had not met- and her husband and kids came down to visit for a few days. Family friends showed up with their 3 month old and before we knew it, summer kicked in full swing with a massive outdoor barbeque with 12 adults, four kids, 9 chickens, I don’t even know how many cats anymore, and a dog just to make everything a little less chaotic. Paradise in a backyard.

I have witnessed a miracle of life in watching this progression of events- from chance meetings one after another that have lead to people connecting to build dreams I never imagined could truly happen before. We had an impromptu community meeting to discuss issues, ideas, concerns and set plans. And it happened automatically. I’ve always felt like dealing with people was frustrating, oftentimes, impossible. I feared that there were only selfish, uncaring people in the world, that I would wander alone forever. Without even realizing how much I wanted and needed a family, one ended up surrounding me, and it is openly growing everyday.

As I was toasting rolled oats in a frying pan this morning, cook the bacon first and toast in the gristle, Tiffany and I talked about the idea of combining forces on this, my blog and hers, so that between the two of us we could post more easily as I have many projects and she has many children. I add eggs and cream to the oats to cook it, and as we shredded cheese and chopped fresh fruit and avocado to top the oatmeal with we discuss book ideas. I love collaborations- all the beauty and creativity of a project, with the support and enhancement of loved ones. Kindred spirits are rare treasures. And with this new influence this page may be coming to you under a new name- The Nature Spirit. ( I have also been informed, repeatedly, that not everyone will think of the old english spelling of Faerie while looking this site up- simplicity has it’s usefulness I guess)

Zoe and I took Tiffany on her first Girls’ Night Out in, well, enough years she didn’t remember anymore. We arrived at Sonia’s house in town, proceeded to kick her boyfriend out of his own room( he was smart enough to bow out gracefully when girl number 6 showed up- a wise man knows when he’s out-numbered) and leave us to our sacred feminine goddess time. We turned up the music, danced wildly, laughed and talked to wake up the next few blocks and made almond-butter cherry chocolate chip cookies- Sonia’s recipe. She is now a contender in the ever ongoing cookie war for “greatest cookie ever”- a very scientific and technical title that can only be conferred after many years of tasting and debating. Consistency is key of course.

After a chance to let loose, hug, laugh, support and care for each other, we were all finally able to go back to our lover’s revitalized and strong. Apparently it had a major effect because I caught Aaron helping to hang laundry without me asking and even before running off to the shooting range. The effects of women coming together can be terrifying ;P

Tiffany had to return home this morning, but I am certain of seeing her again soon, and look forward to further adventures with a new part of my family.

Love to all!