Fabulous Haircuts at a Beauty School ūüôā * Fresh red current sauce mixed with a dash of sugar and squeeze of lemon to make syrup for french toast* kittens, kittens, and did I mention kittens (the adolescent phase is over and they have sold their souls and self-respect for bacon ūüėÄ ) *New phases of life- getting back on the road* ¬†funny faces* ¬†forgiveness for friends’ mistakes, big or small and the look of faces when they know they are loved* ¬†cold brewed ice coffee in 95 degree weather* ¬†fresh painted toe-nails* ¬†happy puppies* ¬†writing letters to grandpa and learning the real history of the world, right from the horses’ mouth* ¬†new music* ¬†friends’ successes- Gabe Rima won the contest, music video coming soon!!* ¬†honest poetry* ¬†unicorn luck* ¬†picking fresh herbs from the garden* ¬†any excuse to wear lingerie or kiss someone special* ¬†watching dreams become reality, one day at a time

Enjoy your tuesday and your everyday, good for your health, heart, and world, xoxo!!



Picnic Luxury Lunchboxes!


One of the ways I have learned to live so cheaply, yet luxuriously is knowing when it’s worth it to put in the effort. I’d much rather do the extra few minutes of work to pack a lunch than to work for someone else the extra hours to pay for eating out. I’ve also found that if you eat quality food, you don’t need as much. Gourmet is truly achievable if you eat portion sizes. Have a few small luxuries and if there are certain people in your family or group who need extra calories, make that up with more staple fare- sweet potatoes, pastas, sandwich bread, eggs and other cheap but filling options.
Here are a few ideas for picnic luxury lunch boxes:
bread with brie and apple slices, plus chocolate of course
bread with cream cheese, nut butter and jam,
yogurt parfait- yogurt, granola, and fresh berries, or a quality trail mix(my favorite is hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, shredded coconut and chocolate chips)
cream cheese, roast beef and fresh greens sandwich
shrimp with curry powder, fresh fruit , crackers with herbed goat cheese

If you have a chance to cook: sliced ham, brie, caramelized red onions, and a very light drizzle of honey, toasted like a grilled cheese is one of the most memorable tastes imaginable.

And in my world, lunch is not complete without a few bites of dark chocolate at the end, never forget the chocolate!