Fabulous Haircuts at a Beauty School ūüôā * Fresh red current sauce mixed with a dash of sugar and squeeze of lemon to make syrup for french toast* kittens, kittens, and did I mention kittens (the adolescent phase is over and they have sold their souls and self-respect for bacon ūüėÄ ) *New phases of life- getting back on the road* ¬†funny faces* ¬†forgiveness for friends’ mistakes, big or small and the look of faces when they know they are loved* ¬†cold brewed ice coffee in 95 degree weather* ¬†fresh painted toe-nails* ¬†happy puppies* ¬†writing letters to grandpa and learning the real history of the world, right from the horses’ mouth* ¬†new music* ¬†friends’ successes- Gabe Rima won the contest, music video coming soon!!* ¬†honest poetry* ¬†unicorn luck* ¬†picking fresh herbs from the garden* ¬†any excuse to wear lingerie or kiss someone special* ¬†watching dreams become reality, one day at a time

Enjoy your tuesday and your everyday, good for your health, heart, and world, xoxo!!