CAROUSEL!! Summer of Imagination!


Ah, the end of July, the month that begins the blood and body warming to temperatures bordering on madness and reveling truths that lie only in shadows of full moons’ light gently covering bodies on blankets in the woods…..(yes, A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream is my Favorite!) This has been a particularly warm and beautiful month, filled with Joy- haircuts, adopting kittens, Brian and Pam finding a new and potentially permanent home near their grandchildren, Aaron’s Birthday and his Mom visiting, and a hundred other things. Hear are a few things I had fun finding across the interwebs this month, hope you enjoy as well!!




LADIES! If you are tired of Street Harassment, this article is definitely for you, and gents, if you wonder why girls complain about “being complimented”, this gives a full explanation of why it is in fact HARASSMENT, not a compliment


Old School Cool photos:


And we thought New York traffic was bad!


TEA DUELING! the best new way of enjoying tea, biscuits and demolishing an opponent, all in one bite 😀 (and you thought we had invented everything)


THE GUYS WE FUCKED- the Anti- Slut Shaming Podcast. ‘Bout time this happened!!


A much overlooked Non-Profit- The Cupcake Girls, because everyone needs love, support and the occasional Cupcake, esp women in the much misaligned sex industry-


Being a Fairy Princess myself I can’t help but love all things based on fairy tale stories:

Princesses in Historically accurate costumes- absolutely beautiful!

 And more Princess Fashion!!

Pregnancy, from the father’s perspective:


Pictures worth 1000 words:


Mad Fun with Photos:


Possibly the only good thing to come out of billboards and FUCK YEAH!


For the Cinematically inclined:


Wishing I could write recipes this enthusiastically- good read, good recipe, esp if you want the dandelions GONE!! Of course, I am also a hard-core jam enthusiast as well 😀


Because mirrors are fun


Hooray flowers!!


Towel Origami- oh internet, how I love thee….


INK AND OIL RECIPES!! because I only have eight bottles of ink left and that’s not nearly enough to last the winter, eek!


The Words that Sparked World War


My world revolves around words, in thoughts and dreams and plans, in every human interaction. I revel in books, reaching for sacred tomes containing every bit of human knowledge and doors to other worlds though an impossibly powerful force of human invention- written words. Imagine the spiritual crisis I went through when I stumbled across the most ironic book ever written- The Alphabet vs. The Goddess by Leonard Shlain. The premise of the book is that the written word, specifically “alphabet” languages, actually strengthen the “hunter-killer-logic” left side of the brain to the point that it’s influence was the underlying cultural inspiration that led to every major religious and culture war since it’s invention, and very directly to the subjugation of women all over the world. Damn. Fortunately, the book ends on a positive note, regarding new inventions in communication that allow for a more balanced approach to human relations, a happy ending much needed after reading about how reading led to so much pain and madness. I highly recommend reading it, as it gives a shocking and unique perspective on human history. On the other side of that, here is some inspiring words on the positive benefits of writing from Jeff Goins- When your fear to say the truth, write the truth, share the truth, remember this: