The Words that Sparked World War


My world revolves around words, in thoughts and dreams and plans, in every human interaction. I revel in books, reaching for sacred tomes containing every bit of human knowledge and doors to other worlds though an impossibly powerful force of human invention- written words. Imagine the spiritual crisis I went through when I stumbled across the most ironic book ever written- The Alphabet vs. The Goddess by Leonard Shlain. The premise of the book is that the written word, specifically “alphabet” languages, actually strengthen the “hunter-killer-logic” left side of the brain to the point that it’s influence was the underlying cultural inspiration that led to every major religious and culture war since it’s invention, and very directly to the subjugation of women all over the world. Damn. Fortunately, the book ends on a positive note, regarding new inventions in communication that allow for a more balanced approach to human relations, a happy ending much needed after reading about how reading led to so much pain and madness. I highly recommend reading it, as it gives a shocking and unique perspective on human history. On the other side of that, here is some inspiring words on the positive benefits of writing from Jeff Goins- When your fear to say the truth, write the truth, share the truth, remember this:


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