In the light of the Full Moon



I found a handful of wild bleeding hearts when piling wood for the campfire Monday night. We watched the start of the full moon rise as we roasted mini marshmallows over the campfire, squishing the burnt sugar between pieces of 60% dark cocoa since we were out of graham crackers. My personal favorite way to make s’mores is a super jumbo marshmallow, burnt outside, melty inside, squished between 60% cocoa or higher, and cinnamon graham crackers- the perfect vanilla-chocolate-cinnamon flavor combo. Add an oatmeal stout for the feast of campfire dreams.

We returned to Ashland on Tuesday to look at some very promisingly plots of land, taking just the Honda and trailer. Lacking the RV setup we had a wonderful time in the local park having a picnic dinner and telling bad jokes until midnight. Aaron managed to tell a twenty minute joke with a terrible pun for an ending, effectively putting us all to sleep, after I tickled him for tormenting us all of course 😀

If you want to check out some naughty and nice geek humor, check out one of my favorite online comics, The Devil’s Panties

As well as being quite busy with land research, there have been a couple of health issues. One of our group got a pretty bad spider bite, which we treated with activated charcoal to draw out the poison. Poor Harold neutering cut reopened making a thumb sized open wound and I’ve been covering it with honey to help it heal, though it’s been requiring me to hold Harold a lot so that he doesn’t lick it off right away (he has been loving the honey treatment of course). I was happy to find both mullein and yarrow growing in the area and have dried and processed both for future use. While mullein works best fresh, the dried leaves used as a tea will also help as an expectorant and aids with most respiratory illnesses. Yarrow is one of the best herbs for any kind of topical abrasion as it staunches bleeding and promotes healing processes. My preference is powdered and mixed with honey. Spread it on the wound, cover if needed and repeat every few hours, it will heal in half the time as without treatment.


Wild Yarrow (picture from Wikipedia- not a reference for information, just the photo)

Our campsite hosts are absolutely wonderful. A couple that has been together for 30 years and raised 3 kids, they have been through everything and a handful of travelers is just a little excitement to them. Pam has been teaching Zoe and I how to knit, and while I enjoy it as a relaxing pastime for productivity while watching a movie or socializing, Zoe has reached a level of obsession bordering on manic. She has already completed a couple of hats, most of a scarf and is making me the most amazing thigh-highs in history. I predict our land will end up hosting quite a few more sheep than previously expected. There is also talk of alpacas and rabbits. Oh my.

Brian has become my new favorite debate partner over everything from history to religion to health to politics and beyond, and during our discussions his hands have been busy making all of us traditional moccasins out of deer hide and, of all things, rhinoceros hide. I was surprised it was even legal, but he found it at the leather shop and it is the thickest hide I’ve ever seen, and perfect for soles.

The hardest thing I’ve been finding with the community set-up is alone time, yes, I know, oh the irony. Trying to write the story I’m working on, or get these posts written is shockingly hard with so many people around, or trying to allow for so many people’s schedules. I am becoming more sympathetic to parents by the minute. Trying to create words of my own while other people are talking is not just rude in most circumstances, but downright impossible oftentimes. I’ve been struggling with priority. Community is vital and relationships are the most important aspect of life, but creativity is soul food. Making sure to carve out time for it makes it possible to have relationships, since you will find you have food to share once sated.

Speaking of community, I’ve been loving finding out about all the local places for community gathering and aid in the Ashland and Eugene area. Keep it up!! We are soon to join!

This organization helps out youth in need in this area:


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