Tips of the Week!


– There is free all day parking in the far parking lot of the downtown park in Ashland (I don’t think I could have said park more in that sentence if I’d tried)

– Three beans, lentils and three grains cooked together in a pot is the food equivalent of taking a vitamin, and does a good job for easing PMS cramps as it’s very high in iron

– Yogurt, topically applied, will help yeast infections

– I want to live in the Eugene Library, truly, it’s that amazing- not really a tip, just worth saying

– A blend of citrus oil, vinegar and water works great as a dish detergent, no extra water required. Just spray on, let sit for a moment and wipe with a rag

-Winco is the King of Grocery stores, also in Eugene (I kind of love this place)

– Thyme tea can kick most cold/flu bugs


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