tips of the week #4


– When drying a comforter or other large bulky item, pull out when hot and let cool before checking for dryness, sometimes the heat can hide dampness from your touch

– do not use a vaccuum on ash, it can destroy the filter or worse, set the machine on fire if a stray coal gets sucked in, sweep first, then use a cleanable filter vaccuum for the edges

– distilled vinegar and dr.bronner’s works perfectly as a laundry detergent

-pine cones make a great alternative fuel for a fire if you can’t find wood

-petting friendly cats is good luck or karma, whatever you’re into, showing love is always good

– speaking as a convert and without any fiscal sway, Kindle is a great investment, you can hook up to wi-fi anywhere and get access to music and movies as well as books. Also a lot of major libraries, such as the Denver library where I’m a member, have pretty impressive ebook collections now that you can access from anywhere. And having all that media and internet access in a notebook sized place is a lifesaver. I have heard the smartphone argument, but personally I find that as I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone, a tracphone for quick texts and calls makes more sense than a monthly plan and the kindle requires no contract beyond the initial investment and serves to fill a lot more uses.


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