Tips of the Week


-Not being a Grateful Dead fan myself, this was learned through observation, wearing their paraphinalia will get you messed with ENDLESSLY by cops. Just sayin’

– Ukiah is a great place to stop for gas on RT 101 up the coast

-Humbolt is very mellow about roadside camping, as usual, this is only if you are being courteous to the community, buy some gas and food, clean up your trash, don’t get fucked up on anything but the local agriculture and you’ll be fine

-Always wear ridiculous layers in San Fran, the temperature there will change dramatically in minutes, worse than the desert.

– In San Fran pay very close attention to the street cleaning signs for parking, we didn’t realize that it was the first Monday of the month, and ended up with a hefty ticket.

-If you stay anywhere more than three days you will get messed with by SOMEONE, and once the week marker hits be ready to move on at a moment’s notice

– Even if a place has “no camping” laws, if you are in a vehicle you are legally allowed to “rest” for six hours, after that you can be “parked”, use your words wisely, the cops are normally hooked up to audio and once you phrase it that way, they can’t enforce it. Also, in an RV, you are not legally required to open your door, though you may have to hand your ID through a window, and they can’t search your “home” without a warrant. 


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