Tips of the Week #3


Tips of the Week #3

1.) Tip the barista if you intend to stay at a coffee shop for more than two hours, it’s just a positive gesture, and pays back in unexpected dividends (even ended up with free extras sometimes)

2.) Bulk stores are perfect if you live out of a backpack and want raw ingredients to cook with, such as flour and oats. Put together some dried premixes and just add water to make anything from pancakes to cookies. Read some cookbook ingredient lists to get ideas but a basic crepe/pancake mix that you can fry in a pan and top with damn near anything is flour and baking soda with water and maybe an egg added. Add some oats and/or flax if you want some more fiber and nutrients.

3.) If parking in San Francisco, read the street sweeping signs and double check the calender, the parking police go block by block ahead of the street sweepers just tossing out tickets left and right.

4.) There is a bookstore on Haight St that carries books and information on subjects that are almost impossible to find online, nor would you want your name associated with the keyword searches to find it, check it out and change your life.

5.) The only places worth buying produce from in California are the roadside markets, everything else is obscenely priced, esp considering it’s grown down the road. 

6.) Bi-Rite Rainbow Market is the best bulk store in San Fran and frankly, most of central California.

7.) You can get away with a handful of public transit jumps, don’t push it, but they will turn a blind eye if you don’t pay once or twice.


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