If you are going to San- Fran- cisco…


   I did in fact wear a flower in my hair as we drove into the world famous San Francisco and parked on Judah along the beach. But then I wear a flower in my hair everyday- at least everyday I’m not wearing horns or kitty ears- so I guess it was just kind of inevitable that I’d end up here one day! It was mesmerizing to finally see the place I had glimpsed in so many movies and read about in so many books, and the visual seduction did not fail in person. In fact, it so far has been the one and only city my little fey heart sat up and said “I could live here. I know it’s city, but…. it’s so PRETTY!! And there is a beach and a giant park, and we could make it work….” . Of course, then I heard average rent prices, and my heart and my pocketbook swiftly compromised at visiting regularly. We have been walking enough to justify the cookie war that Aaron and I have been having for the last week, which is good, as I worked very hard to get into a healthy weight and don’t want to slack off, but I have a cookie war to win damn it and SOMEBODY has to eat all the cookie dough, so walking amongst the impossibly detailed buildings and chatting with all of the friendly people will just have to balance it out. (By the way, I’m winning the war, though Aaron won’t admit too it and Zoe is holding out on judgement because she wants us to keep making her cookies, but really, he forgot to add vanilla, what kind of cookie is that? such slacking in competition, tsk tsk 🙂 )

   Dinner at The Citrus Club was the perfect start to the trip, and we were offered to smoke a bowl on every block of Haight St., making me laugh at the stereotype of it all. We rode the public transit, joining the tradition of silently pretending other people are just art pieces for ignoring or observing at our leisure, as always happens when a large group of strangers is stuck in a small space together for any length of time. Zoe and Aaron were sucked into a place called “Chili Pie”, the smell of hatch chili home calling to them, and walking out with the most expensive stew either of them have ever had, but it had chili, and they are addicts. Really, who am I kidding? I am too, but I haven’t been on the drug as long so I can handle the fiending better. (if you don’t get it, spend a month in New Mexico and carve out a place in your budget for filling the lifelong craving of roasted hatch, I swear it’s the crack of the food world, not chocolate, that’s the opiate of the food world, lol) Between long walks up and down hills, and stints selling art on hippie hill, we are exploring all the cafe’s in town as usual. Sacred Grounds quirky cute but too pricey for what you get, same with People’s Cafe. Cole St Cafe’ has been my favorite so far with wonderful decaf chai and a cute little hole in the wall set-up. Only thing it lacks is outlets. Honestly, we haven’t found a good well-rounded cafe’ since we arrived, which is really a problem as cafe life is the best way to travel. For a couple dollars you get a hot drink of some kind, maybe split some food, and you have access to bathroom, water, wifi, and electricity for as long as you need, it makes a world of difference no matter how you travel. But for some reason, the city most known for hippie-dom lacks a cafe’ with all the necessary ingredients, though a sneaky part of me thinks it may be intentional.

   All that being said, this place certainly has style no matter where you are. It’s actually a little overwhelming to deal with the massive amount of art, interaction and choice here, which is why we’ll be staying for a little while. We are lacking picture capability at the moment, as Zoe’s phone has been lost for a few days, and my phone contract ended, and Aaron’ s phone’s screen is so cracked it’s just pathetic- so none of use have had phone contact for going on over a week now. It’s been interesting and kind of thrilling to move through such a strange life without that crutch(though I’m glad this post will be reassuring all the family probably freaking out right now). It did get a little more exciting than I would have liked when I was at a cafe working and Zoe and Aaron were out street vending, the cafe closed and I was sitting on the sidewalk with a computer, records, and all of the misc stuff they’d left with me for a while. Let’s just say that someone with my appearance tends to get a lot of interesting attention when I’m alone for any length of time, much to Aaron’s constant concern, and when sitting alone on the street it’s even worse. Fortunately,most of the attention was friendly and  I was fine, though some new safely polices were implemented when they got back, i.e. check the closing time if I’m staying someplace alone!

   We are intending to stay another week or so, and attending the Cherry Blossom festival next week, so more on this wonderful place to come!



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