tips of the week #2


1.) Sadly, there is no camping along Rt. 1 on the coast, which sucks because it is GORGEOUS!! But if you make it up here, be sure to walk the trails of the coastline, it will transform your psyche. However, with a permit, you can camp in the Palo Colorado Interpretive Site, though it seems to be only tent or small vehicle, we certainly couldn’t get the RV up there, even if it is a small one.

2.) Monterey has free Wi-fi anywhere in downtown, making this post come to you with significantly less coffee.

3.) Plumes Cafe’ on Alvarado St is the best coffee shop in town, they have chai and a variety of quality coffees in decaf( I have anxiety don’t judge me), plus yummy oatmeal, muffins, and build your own sandwiches- total win. 

4.) If you walk the Wharf you can get about ten different free clam chowder samples along the way, bring bread and you just ate gourmet for free 😀

5.)Sleep is good- not really a great new tip, just feel like one needs to remember that occasionally. If you are traveling, your poor brain is absorbing at turbo speed and needs extra processing time to make up for it, plan accordingly.

6.) Weather is more drastic along the coast, bring a sweater and an umbrella, you’ll wish you had the one day you forget.

7.) Random aside for animal lovers: in- shell nuts are a great way to keep a rat’s teeth in check if you are trying to stop them from chewing on other stuff.


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