Of wood stoves and rangers


sushi stop bday dessertDessert at Sushi stop, nom!

By Sunday morning our four part caravan had attracted some attention, and we were greeted by a Park Ranger and his K-9 unit. He stayed, he watched me wash dishes, looked at ID’s and told us we could use our wood stove (we had not been because of the fire ban in the area and just wanted to be on the safe side) after Aaron shocked him with the comment “I’m so happy you stopped by, this is a great opportunity for us to ask you some questions!” That is certainly one way to get a cop to pause and help you out! So, after getting the go ahead for fire, that evening Aaron gathered firewood and five minutes after the fire got going we watch, one, two, three, four, five, yup, five fire trucks wiz past us a minute apart from each other tops. Oops. An hour goes by as all of us sit in the RV making dinner, wondering if we had just cost the county countless dollars and gallons of gasoline, til one, two, third truck drives back past much slower and stops by our camp spot. Not hearing an knocks on the door, Aaron goes outside to say hi, to find a handful of firemen peering into the woods with flashlights. They had thought we were camping in the closed campgrounds and smelled smoke(fortunately on their way back from another fire, they weren’t called for us, that would have been embarrassing)  til Aaron pointed out the chimney stick out of the side of the RV, “We have a wood stove going inside to cook on”, “Oh,” replies the Fireman,”that’s interesting. Now you don’t need to shovel coals outside to turn it off or anything right?” “Errr…….., no, it’s a woodstove, I just stop giving it wood.” To be fair, they must have been exhausted, but still quite a comment from a fireman. (The other most humorous interaction with a cop was when Aaron got pulled over in the Beetle for his headlights being out and the cop asked if the car started after he gave us a warning “No officer, this is a donkey, it doesn’t have any headlights”- didn’t actually say that, but it took a lot of effort, believe me!)

Inbetween bouts of authoritative inquiry, we have been mostly visiting friends in the area: Climbed up Mt. Fuji at Occidental College, hung out in the student gardens, acquired vast amounts of coffee and ate way to many sweets. The good life!

1959610_10151985945352006_227398053_n1901272_10151985945417006_180530004_n1549258_10151985945112006_637985928_nZoe in the epic Safety glasses; Aaron will one day open his eyes during a photo!- He has the prettiest blue eyes on earth!; I am crocheting a scarf and Aaron is sanding a knife he forged- working on crafts is best to do around company, things that are productive yet allow for interaction.

1173794_10151985945292006_1904354932_nBen, the cutest guy in Occidental’s chemistry department! LOVE the glasses! 😀


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