Santa Fe to Santa Clarita


Mojave drive IMAG0036 Crossing the Mojave, Beetle in tow

IMAG0046Zoe made us pose 😀

Route: I-25 S to I-40 W to the 18 to the 15 to the 14

The goal was to be up by seven and on the road by nine, which worked out perfectly- otherwise known as up by nine and on the road by eleven thirty, which is how these things go of course. We went first to Albuquerque(you have no idea how long it took me to learn to spell that word!), a little out of our way but there is an amazing surplus store there with a bunch of misc camping supplies Aaron and Zoe wanted to pick up. So one electric water kettle, two vacuum tubes for the record player and two pairs of safety glasses to add to Aaron’s collection (he now has four pairs, more than the number of pants he owns) later and we were on our way. We spent the night in a Walmart parking lot in Winslow AZ and thankfully had a very boring trip the rest of the way through the state. Arizona is admittedly a beautiful state but they don’t like hippies, and we couldn’t be more iconic if we tried. We are traveling to California in an 80’s “lazy dayz” rv with a “65 VW bug being towed behind, a solar panel on top and a chimney sticking out the side for jimmy’s cricket’s sake! Zoe’s phone has been exploding from all the texts and calls of the friends waiting to see us in LA, and we are just happy tobe on the road after waiting two months past our original start date.

We had a party at Zoe’s exceptionally understanding parents house on Saturday night, for everyone to see us off. Her dad was a rockstar, came out turnedon pandora motown on the outside speakers and left us to our bonfire and beer. Zoe and I combined forces to invent a new group favorite drink- Captain Morgan spiced rum with apple juice and a splash of guinness, delicious and deadly. The event went on til five am, though aaron and I passed out around two thirty, cuddling wins over cold every time. There was drinking, drama, and new friends made, allin all a successful bash.

Now we have arrived in Santa Clarita, yet another Walmart lot unfortunately, but we have to find info on the park service in the area, and I am thinking back over my view of the trip form the back of the RV. Watching the sky I have been noticing a new phenomenon, rings of clouds around the sun with rainbow edges, literally patches of rainbows in the sky, not full arcs, but twisting ribbons and motley. I have watched the sky for so many years and never seen such a thing, though the sky in the west is a more expansive place, it would make sense there where more types of rainbows. The most useful thing I did was pre-prepped food before the trip, gas stations are no place for good health. Caramelized onions and red peppers, zuccinni and squash, sweet potatoes, lentils, rice, chicken- pile on bread or tortilla with cheese and you have a dozen different meals. Thank goodness for Zoe’s camp stove and french press which translates to fresh morning coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Number one rule of life on the road- keep your sleeping and eating patterns as regular as possible, bodies can only handle so much stress and change, softening the hit on the basic primal needs makes a world of difference. Not that you shouldn’t try new foods, just try to keep the timing regular, yourbody will appreciate it.

IMAG0048IMAG0050Wine, vegetables, fish, friends, you know, a normal evening. Harold and Zoe are very close, she thinks he’s fuzzy and adorable, he thinks she’s warm and will give him food….

Also,note, the Essex gas station on theedge of the Mojave desert is one of the prettiest rest stops on the west coast, four beautiful ponds and spraying fountains and palm trees, all easily covered by the fact they are also the most expensive gas on the west coast, be warned. But, despite such distractions we miraculously made it though with no breakdowns or police involved, yay! We did lose a skylight that hadn’t been latched down properly, but better than the solar panels (that has happened before, very rough day). I think Harold had the best time- he slept, cuddled and ate his way across three states, I think I want to reincarnate as a rat 😀


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