On the ROAD!!!


HOORAY!! The last day in Santa Fe has arrived, we are running around saying last goodbyes to all the friends and family. We stayed up far to late drinking around a bonfire with a bunch of people last night, nearly suffocating from all the hugs, so much love in the world! So, laundry is done, food is stored, the rv is squeaky clean and organized beyond it’s wildest dreams, and all that is left is dinner and starting the drive! I will miss this place, it has been so much fun and so full of wonderful people. I will miss Ackmed, the Mammoth Hiking King, who took us up to Abuque and shows us wonders that I doubt any other humans have ever seen before. it nearly killed us, but it was beautiful. He took us up the side of a cliff, and we went splunking through a little cave tunnel that opened to a cave hundreds of feet above the ground- the most beautiful place I have ever been as I clung to the wall trying not to slide down the sloped floor! I would have gotten a picture had I a third hand- though i still might have used that to hold on more tightly! But we all survived and bonded and I didn’t even need to be carried (believe me I was proud of that!). I will miss Chloe of the elegant voice and amazing powers of animal mind control; Gab Rima of the mad rad spoken word music mastery and heart the size of his body; David, Val, Eva, Julia, and so many other wonderful people- I will see you all again down the road. So for now, final packing and misc farewells are in order, I will update again soon!


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