Introduction to an Adventure


One might be wondering how I dare to call myself a Gypsy Faerie- well, to put it simply, I live in the National Forest, have been to 42 of the fifty states, and I street perform and do renaissance festivals and gaming/fantasy conventions as a fairy or gypsy (I’ve also been a pirate, which is wonderful too, all the rum and excuses for kidnapping people’s cellphones you can imagine!) I’ve been traveling for about five years now, and I think it’s high time I started sharing some of the stories and things I’ve learned from all of these adventures. Right now I’m in Santa Fe NM, far from my hometown of Cleveland Ohio, and sharing a little blue RV named Prisilla and a ’65 VW named Maude (after Harold and Maude because she is such a wonderfully mad little beast) with my handsome pirate blacksmith Aaron in the national forest.

We have been outfitting it for total off the grid living for the last couple months and it now has a woodstove for heating and cooking, full solar, insulation on the windows and so on. Next we are tearing out the carpeting (carpet + wood ashes are not a good mix) and painting the interior. It’s from the eighties which means for some reason it’s a horrible shade of grey on the inside, we dyed the couch cushions blue and are going to do yellow and hunter green on the walls and a blue ceiling. I had thought of adding clouds or starts, but there is a skylight above the bed, which is above the cab, so we can see the sky while we lay there or have picnics on the roof. There are a bunch of cabinets so we are doing scenes of each place we go on the front of each panel (pics to come later). Two others are joining us for the journey, Valentine, who has a massive bus of an RV we call Hometree, and Zoe in her Honda with a teardrop trailer we picked up from Arizona yesterday so it doesn’t have a name yet as we are just getting to know the little dear.

She found it on Craigslist and called us to help her check it out, deal with a trailer hitch and so on ( I should clarify, Val and Aaron actually did all the work, however Zoe and I make excellent cheerleaders and food/alcohol providers- it’s really a two part system). So an hour later Aaron was hammering her new back door into place, and we were on our way. The trip was generally uneventful- which is a good thing 99% of the time believe me- we met this wonderful old couple in a Denny’s parking lot to buy the trailer, went to Walmart to find a hitch, and that failed miserably. So the guys bought the closest fit and filed the part down to kind of fit better, at least the pin went in, and we were off to torment an IHOP waitress with such questions as “What other countries does IHOP have restaurants in? It is called the INTERNATIONAL house of pancakes after all. Do they serve plastic pancakes there too? Which has more chicken- the strips or the bone in? How much mac n’ cheese is it possible to bring to us at one time?” On the upside, we do tip well and generally get them to smile a little bit! We stayed up drinking wine and generally having fun with hotel rooms, raided the free breakfast, regretted that and found a coffee shop to recover in. We stopped at an AutoZone to get electrical parts so that there could be blinkers and such nonsense on the trailer and listened patiently as some guy hanging out there, claiming to be a mechanic, tried to convince Zoe her car was about to explode and she should pay him to fix it before we all died on the trip home. Valentine had a wonderful time playing with the guy’s head before finally getting him to leave and we surprise, surprise made it back it time for Zoe to make the tail end of family dinner and surprise them with her new home.

So, now all of us have a mobile place to call home, and are just putting finishing touches on each thing to keep us functioning on the road. The plan is to head first to LA, we will probably take our time, stop at the grand canyon and all that, on the way and spend a few weeks doing street vending and performing all over Venice beach, Laguna and so on. We will then be traveling up the coast, there really isn’t any goal or structure, we mostly want to have some fun and adventure, and once we get north of Sacramento, the real point of the journey begins. We are looking for a piece of land, somewhere in northern California or southern Oregon to establish as an off the grid home base since getting mail while living in the forest is kind of a pain- not actually kind of, pretty much completely. It’s still the one thing that is impossible to do on the road, you can’t even get a PO Box without an address, which in my mind defeats the purpose. We are considered homeless, which I found ironic as I was making cookies on the stove and sewing a crazy quilt in my stolen-from-aaron-robe on the couch, but I digress. Each of us has our own purpose for the land, Aaron wants to be able to forge a sword without the cops being called, Zoe and I want to establish a free alternative medicine clinic (I also want a quiet place to write), and Valentine wants to rebuild old cars. Eventually we are looking at international travel, but this is enough to handle for now. So, hope you have enjoyed getting to know us a little and I’ll have more for you on Friday! Salutations new friends!


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